Sons of Titans Chapter


     NKSOT recognizes the deep level of brotherhood commitment in which a brother must demonstrate and sustain in order to wear the Nam Knights Sons  of Titans Patch.  We understand that  is akin to a religion and realize that our patch is closely guarded.  NKSOT Brotherhood is the key to our survival and is the strength of our resolve.  NKSOT Brotherhood isn’t just a word its total dedication and not when it is just convenient. NKSOT Brotherhood represents the history of our great nation that influences our Warrior Class.  NKSOT greatness was created out of the traditions of brave men who served the cause of freedom and  the righteous means of unconditional loyalty and respect to one another. The Sons of Titans are committed to honoring our fallen brothers, their families, and preserving the history of their memories and the brotherhood we share as one. 

     You feel the wind as it clashes against your legs, you feel the wind pound upon your chest where your Sons of Titans Patch lays proudly over your heart, you feel the blood race through your veins as the wind streams through the bowls of your soul, now is when we embody the Brotherhood and Camaraderie that makes us the a Sons of Titans! 

                                                            Ronbo, Past President

Nam Knights of America Motorcycle Club